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[W]e must recognize that the fragmented character of our places and our society stems from the fact that at every fork in the road, we have chosen the individual over the collective.
Alex Marshall

Services: Public Trust

Public Trust Services

Community Heritage Group services come in a variety of formats: lectures, half- and full-day workshops, longer-term consulting arrangement, and other assistance. CHG staff will also work with you to craft a program specific to your needs.

Lectures (30-90 minutes)

  1. The Collapse of Civil Society. What is "civil society" and why have we seen it disappear in America? What has this meant for community-building? What groups are trying to reinvent civil society, and what tools are they using?

  2. Engagement in the West. Examines why life in the American West is perhaps even more individualistic than elsewhere. How might this affect "place-making"?

Suggested Audiences: Visioning programs, city staffs and commissions, educators, town halls.

Workshops (half- or full-day)

  1. Find Your History. A model activity that illustrates how schools and museums, in particular, can engage the community to help uncover local stories. Shows how heritage is a valuable tool for encouraging public participation.

  2. Engagement Tools. Introduces and tests some of the nuts-and-bolts approaches to civic engagement that communities are using. Explains why heritage is key to encouraging more public participation.

Suggested Audiences: City staffs and commissions, museum staffs and boards, educators, town halls.

Other Services

  1. Public Trust Surveys. CHG can design and implement surveys that tell elected officials what the regionís engagement level is, and what tools might be used to increase participation.

  2. Heritage Charrette. A comprehensive public approach (forum, surveys, interviews) designed to identify the key heritage indicators that citizens value.

  3. Grant Writing. Is your town submitting a grant to fund a public participation program? Our experienced and successful grant writers can help.

  4. Consulting Contracts. CHG can enter into a long-term arrangement with your community to help restore public participation and greater self-government in civic affairs.

Whatís To Know

  1. Lectures and workshops usually include handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

  2. Workshops usually include "mapping" exercises so participants can "see" the results of their choices.

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