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The main mistake made by pro-tourist planners is that they see tourism only in traditional economic terms as a new kind of industry.
Dean MacCannell

Services: Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism Services

Community Heritage Group services come in a variety of formats: lectures, half- and full-day workshops, longer-term consulting arrangement, and other assistance. CHG staff will also work with you to craft a program specific to your needs.

Lectures (30-90 minutes)

  1. The Challenge of Heritage Tourism. What is heritage tourism and why are communities getting into the business? Is there a downside to heritage tourism and how can you avoid it?

  2. Civic Tourism. An overview of how communities can design tourism programs that fully engage and benefit citizens, not just the usual corporate players in the hospitality industry.

Suggested Audiences: Visioning programs, city staffs and commissions, tourism agencies, museum staffs and boards, historic preservation groups, economic development agencies.

Workshops (half- or full-day)

  1. Preparing for Tourists. How do heritage sites design and market exhibits and other programs for tourists? How is this different from what they normally do? What do we mean by "authenticity"? How might communities that donít have a museum plan for one?

  2. Organic Tourism. Exercises that walk participants through the process of re-imagining "place-based" tourism as a focal point for town planning. How communities can use cultural, environmental, and built assets to position "place" at the center of their long-term planning.

Suggested Audiences: City staffs and commissions, tourism agencies, museum staffs and boards, historic preservation groups, economic development agencies.

Other Services

  1. Tourism Surveys. CHG can design and implement surveys that tell local officials what tourists think about their communityís heritage attractions Ė and how to improve them.

  2. Grant Writing. Is your town seeking funding to plan and design a heritage tourism product? Our experienced and successful grant writers can help.

  3. Business Plans. Does your business want to capitalize on the new and growing interest in travel associated with heritage and nature?

  4. Consulting Contracts. CHG can enter into a long-term arrangement to position your town for high-value tourism.

  5. Testimonies. Does your group need to develop a successful advocacy campaign for tourism funding?

  6. Economic Studies. How much of your regionís current tourism market is heritage-based? Do you have opportunities to improve upon this?

Whatís To Know

  1. Lectures and workshops usually include handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

  2. Workshops usually include "mapping" exercises so participants can "see" the results of their choices.

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