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I believe we are entering an era when small towns will be valued again, and that out of necessity we will reinvent truly local economies using local assets and resources.
James Kunstler

Services: Sustainability

Sustainability Services

Community Heritage Group services come in a variety of formats: lectures, half- and full-day workshops, longer-term consulting arrangement, and other assistance. CHG staff will also work with you to craft a program specific to your needs.

Lectures (30-90 minutes)

  1. Is Sustainable Growth an Oxymoron? Considers how growth impacts the natural, economic, and social environments. Contrasts unfettered growth with strategic development.

  2. The Cost of "Just More." What does it cost for communities to keep adding more and more? What are the hidden costs? Who pays? What are the alternatives?

Suggested Audiences: Visioning programs, city staffs and commissions, town hall activities, slow-growth proponents, economic development agencies, environmental and land-use organizations.

Workshops (half- or full-day)

  1. Nurturing "Green" Economies. Looks at how towns are developing economically viable governmental and business policies that favor resource preservation over resource use. Overviews tax structures, subsidies, and creative enterprises that spur sustainable practices.

  2. Donuts Are Empty Calories. Examines the economic, environmental, and social implications of the donut effect. Includes how regions can modify the typical patterns of suburban sprawl to create more connected communities.

Suggested Audiences: Visioning programs, city staffs and commissions, tourism agencies, historic preservation groups, slow-growth proponents, economic development agencies, environmental and land-use organizations.

Other Services

  1. Sustainability Surveys. CHG can design and implement surveys that tell officials what residents think about the way your town is or isnít growing Ė and how to improve on its direction.

  2. Grant Writing. Is your town submitting a proposal to a government agency to save open space? Our experienced grant writers can help with this and related projects.

  3. Consulting Contracts. CHG can enter into a long-term arrangement with your community to help plan strategically for qualitative development rather than leapfrog growth.

  4. Testimonies. Is your group trying to stop inappropriate development or demolition of a historic site? CHG can help.

  5. Sustainable Budgeting. Create and implement an analysis tool that shows government agencies or businesses how they can save money by adopting "green" practices.

Whatís To Know

  1. Lectures and workshops usually include handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

  2. Workshops usually include "mapping" exercises so participants can "see" the results of their choices.

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