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It is difficult to design a place that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often that has been accomplished.
William Whyte

Services: Livability

Livable Community Services

Community Heritage Group services come in a variety of formats: lectures, half- and full-day workshops, longer-term consulting arrangement, and other assistance. CHG staff will also work with you to craft a program specific to your needs.

Lectures (30-90 minutes)

  1. CarTown USA. An overview of how our car-oriented culture affects livability. How communities and businesses are rethinking transportation to provide alternatives to auto dependency.

  2. Curb the "Boutique Town." Examines how out-of-control tourism can transform a place into a caricature of itself. How communities can take advantage of tourism spending, but not succumb to the quaint and pricey "Boutique Town" syndrome.

Suggested Audiences: Visioning programs, city staffs and commissions, businesses, historic preservation groups, tourism agencies, environmental and land-use organizations, economic development agencies.

Workshops (half- or full-day)

  1. Design Your Street. Mapping exercises that let participants "see" the results of designing street life around people – not the car. Applicable for suburbs as well as central cities.

  2. No More Big Boxes: Best Practices Downtown. A review of how and why communities are reclaiming historic Main Street – for both residential and business purposes.

Suggested Audiences: City staffs and commissions, businesses, tourism agencies, historic preservation groups, environmental and land-use organizations, economic development agencies.

Other Services

  1. Livability Surveys. CHG can design and implement surveys that help citizens identify the "livability indicators" that make their place special – and then show how to use the results.

  2. Grant Writing. Is your town submitting a grant to fund a Main Street program? Our experienced and successful grant writers can help.

  3. Business Plans. Is your business trying to create a marketing plan that appeals to the new wave of residents moving to historic districts?

  4. Consulting Contracts. CHG can enter into a long-term arrangement with your community or organization to help revive your historic downtown.

  5. Testimonies. Is your group trying to save downtown, install bike paths, keep out the Big Box? CHG can help.

What’s To Know

  1. Lectures and workshops usually include handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

  2. Workshops usually include "mapping" exercises so participants can "see" the results of their choices.

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