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What we need in the West is a society to match our scenery.
Wallace Stegner

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If your community wants to build on these concepts, follow the links to learn more. It’s important to note that while CHG describes five Programs, they all interrelate – stressing a comprehensive, organic approach to place-making.

  1. PLACE: Communities with a healthy sense of place can provide an enhanced quality of life, and they are better positioned to compete economically. Enhancing your heritage creates place – the "look and feel" of a community.

  2. LIVABILITY: Livable communities value pedestrians over cars, parks over parking lots, and vibrant downtowns over assembly-line malls. Protecting your heritage fosters livability – the mixture of assets that make life enjoyable.

  3. SUSTAINABILITY: Strategic development is better than unfettered growth, which can deplete a region’s economic, social, and natural resources. Investing in your heritage goes hand-in-hand with sustainability – the appropriate scale and pattern of development.

  4. CIVIC TOURISM: Communities with a sense of place can manage tourism in a way that benefits residents, as well as visitors. Promoting your heritage offers quality-of-life benefits derived from civic tourism – an ideal "place-based" form of economic development. For more information, visit our sister site, Civic Tourism.

  5. PUBLIC TRUST: Healthy communities take advantage of changing population patterns, and they encourage greater levels of stewardship and engagement. Focusing on your heritage increases public trust – understanding, civic participation, and community pride.