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A principled pluralism and a principled toleration is what common life in contemporary America should be about.
James Davison Hunter

Our Programs: Public Trust


An approach to community development that understands the values and characteristics that define the nation’s evolving population – in order to prepare for and take advantage of the new face we call America –


or one that relies on outdated, wishful demographics.

The Times They Are A-Changing

  • In order to attract the finest workers, the best-paying companies, and tourists who stay and spend, communities must understand the changing demographics of the nation’s population. It’s simply not a matter of "more is better" anymore; successful communities are targeting diverse and high-value segments of society.

  • Boomers, for example, represent more than 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964 – people who will inherit a tremendous amount of wealth. Some Boomers have already begun to retire, and, being children of the 1960s, many are seeking interesting and unique places to live and visit.

  • Another sought-after segment of society is the "Creative Class," whom many cities target because of their higher income levels and the added vitality they bring. It’s important to understand the kind of community characteristics that attract this group.

  • Most importantly, America’s ethnic profile will change significantly during the next few decades. Communities are developing employment, tourism, educational, and social programs that help business leaders, city staffs, educators, and others understand the dynamics of this shift, which is a "cultural" shift – meaning that understanding the heritage and customs of others is vital to navigating the new terrain.