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Tocqueville therefore saw the intensely private character of life in democratic America as a critical problem, one that might lead to the atrophying of the moral bonds that connected men to one another in pre-democratic communities.
Francis Fukuyama

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An engaged public contributes to the local economy.
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Public Trust:
Know & Involve Residents

Focusing on your heritage increases public trust – understanding, civic participation, and community pride. Follow the links to find out how to prepare for and engage a changing citizenry.

  1. America’s changing population demographics are already affecting town planning, jobs, education, tourism, entertainment, and nearly every other community ingredient that contributes to a healthy sense of place.

  2. A well-documented feature of modern America is the public’s withdrawal from civic life, whether it’s voting or volunteering for charities.

  3. Public participation is vital to democracy, as well as a strong economy. The kind of livable communities described by CHG demand civic reflection.

  4. Dozens of tools and programs exist to help communities create effective civic engagement programs.

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