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Tourists don’t like to visit office districts. Their interests, as planners like to point out, are in seeing safe, beautiful, interesting places – places that afford vivid and memorable experiences.
Tony Hiss

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Civic tourism contributes to the local economy.
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Heritage + Tourism + The Public = Healthy Economies & Healthy Places

Promoting your heritage offers numerous quality-of-life benefits derived from tourism – an ideal place-based form of economic development. Discover how to make tourism an enabler of "place" — part of the solution, rather than a force that buries the natural and cultural environment.

  1. If your community hasn’t considered a responsible tourism program, you could be missing out on one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of the travel industry.

  2. Many travelers are looking for authentic places that are different, that don’t suffer from the "generica" that defines much of our modern landscape.

  3. Civic tourism complements other forms of experiential tourism, such as ecotourism – creating a more integrated and "place-based" approach to regional planning.

  4. Creating a tourism program around your area’s history promotes community pride, public participation, and a sense of place. Civic tourism can enhance levels of engagement and stewardship.

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