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Sustainable development, development without growth, does not imply the end of economics – if anything, economics becomes even more important.
Herman Daly

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A sustainable approach contributes to the local economy.
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Sustainability: Not a Devil’s Bargain

Investing in your heritage goes hand-in-hand with a sustainable approach to town planning – resulting in an appropriate scale and pattern of development. Follow the links to find out how to "develop" and not just "grow."

  1. Town planning often adopts a "grow or die" posture. Communities can remain a relatively steady and sustainable size and still provide the services and opportunities residents require.

  2. Growth is often fueled by subsidies and other giveaways that cost residents, while benefiting a small number of people or businesses.

  3. Growth would not be as bad if it were directed inward, but most growth gobbles up undeveloped land in outlying regions, incurring infrastructure costs and forcing residents to drive to everything.

  4. More communities now recognize that sustainable economic policies are not only feasible and healthy for the environment – they’re good for business too.

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