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Too many young people think urban spaces with sidewalks, cafes, and streets filled with people only exist in movies, foreign cities, or vacation sites.
Roberta Brandes Gratz

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Sense of Place contributes to the local economy.
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Sense of Place Matters

Enhancing your heritage creates place – the "look and feel" of a community. Follow the links to find out how to nourish a "Sense of Place."

  1. "Sense of Place" means a community’s heritage is on display – through the built environment, nature, events, and other social transmitters. Residents are proud of and honored by their place.

  2. Not only is an enhanced sense of place leveraged through historic preservation, but saving old structures is good fiscal and public policy.

  3. Because the natural setting makes a significant contribution to "placeness," a responsible conservation ethic is an economic and quality-of-life asset.

  4. Implicit in the phrase "sense of place" is the idea that there’s something unique about the community.

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