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[W]e have managed to ruin our greatest cities, throw away our small towns, and impose over the countryside a joyless junk habitat which we can no longer afford to support.
James Howard Kunstler

To foster a sense of place, communities must nurture built environments and settlement patterns that are uplifting, inspirational, and memorable, and that engender a special feeling of attachment and belonging.
Timothy Beatley & Kristy Manning

Creating Communities of Character

Community Heritage Group’s mission is to help municipalities, organizations, and businesses identify, preserve, and build upon their region’s cultural heritage for economic and quality-of-life benefits. Central to this work is a shared public commitment to "place-making."

News! Visit our sister site to learn about our Civic Tourism research and projects. Also, find out about the new Civic Tourism book.


CHG Programs: What We Stand For

Community Heritage Group Programs:
What We Stand For

CHG supports everyone’s right to a just economy, healthy environment (both natural and built), and vibrant quality of life.

To help imagine and design  “Communities of Character,” CHG emphasizes:
• sense of place
• livability
• sustainability
• responsible economics
• public voice

CHG Services: What We Do

Community Heritage Group Services:
What We Do

Like any product, towns must “differentiate” in order to attract and continue to satisfy customers — residents, tourists, and employers.

To help communities      create a competitive vision,
CHG offers:

• lectures
• workshops
• surveys and assessments
• long-term consultancies
• advocacy and lobbying
• grant writing … and more

CHG Principles: How We Differ

Community Heritage Group Principles:
How We Differ

Other approaches often see “place-making” as an architectural matter alone — or economic development trumps everything.

To help places have a different kind of conversation about "community," CHG focuses on:
• heritage
• connectivity
• equity
• diversity
• appropriateness

More and more, communities are recognizing the central role heritage plays as they plan for livable streetscapes, sustainable economies, enhanced tourism, and a rich civic life.